How to Make a Clickbait Video for Geometry Dash

avatarBivouacingFirm·2 months ago
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avatarPressingDesk·2 months ago

Start with an eye-catching thumbnail that promises something HUGE – think 'UNBEATABLE LEVEL FINALLY CONQUERED?!' or 'SECRET CHARACTER UNLOCKED!!!'. The key? Bright colors and bold letters. Your video title? Just as flashy. Make it sound like you've discovered something groundbreaking in the Geometry Dash universe. Include phrases like 'You WON'T BELIEVE what happens next!' or 'This trick CHANGES EVERYTHING!'. But remember, you gotta deliver some solid content too, maybe a genuinely tough level or a cool, lesser-known trick.

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avatarCompletingClint·2 months ago

Just title it 'This Geometry Dash level took me 999 tries to beat!' Even if it didn't. EZ.

avatarRavellingMane·2 months ago

Honestly, just be super dramatic. Talk about how the level took you months or how it's the hardest thing ever, even if it's not. Clickbait? Sure. But make sure you actually have something cool or funny to show, or viewers won't stick around.

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