How to make a dragon move in Geometry Dash

avatarDemonstratingUnit2 months ago
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avatarTrainingLace2 months ago

lol, you don't actually 'make' the dragon move. You just select it from the objects menu and use triggers to animate it. Think of it like directing a movie, but your actor is a dragon and your camera is the level editor.

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avatarAffordingAggie2 months ago

Honestly, dragons moving in Geometry Dash is overrated. Just focus on making challenging levels. Who needs a dragon when you got spikes and gravity switches?

avatarRegulatingHale2 months ago

Making a dragon move in Geometry Dash is all about using the game's level editor. First, you gotta create or edit a level. Then, add the dragon object from the special objects menu. To animate it, you'll need to play around with the move and rotate triggers to get it flying across your level. Remember, you can control its speed, direction, and even make it follow a complex path by chaining these triggers together. Experimenting is key!

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