How to make a Geometry Dash private server on Mac

avatarAutocancellingWeek2 months ago
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Setting up a private server for Geometry Dash on a Mac involves some tech steps but here's a simplified guide: 1. Download a server emulator tailored for Geometry Dash. Absolute ( is a good start. 2. Make sure you have Homebrew installed. It's a package manager for macOS. Install it from if you haven't. 3. Open Terminal and install MySQL using Homebrew with 'brew install mysql'. 4. Follow the instructions provided by your server emulator's documentation to configure the server. This usually involves importing a database schema into MySQL and adjusting config files. 5. Change your Geometry Dash game files to connect to the local server IP instead of the official one. Backup first! Remember, you might need to tinker around and solve some puzzles, but it's all part of the fun!

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avatarRollingHank2 months ago

Just a heads up, making a private server involves altering game files which is against most games' TOS, including Geometry Dash. So while it's technically possible, be careful not to share it publicly or you might face consequences. Always play it safe and respect the game devs' rules!

avatarCluingWear2 months ago

As someone who's done this, my tip is to focus on getting the MySQL part right. That's where most snags happen. And yeah, patience is key. It's a bit of a project but totally doable if you follow the guides out there.

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