How to make an impossible triangle in Geometry Dash

avatarWipingBride2 months ago
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avatarAttainingFord2 months ago

Ah, the impossible triangle! It's not as impossible as it sounds. First, you'll need to get comfy with the editor mode in Geometry Dash. Start by creating three overlapping blocks in a triangular formation, making sure each one slightly overlaps the other to give that 'impossible' optical illusion. Play around with angles and shading for the full effect. Remember, it's all about tricking the eye!

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avatarCopyingSole2 months ago

Just make a triangle that looks like it can't exist. Use block design and mess with perspective till it looks right. Done.

avatarManningAndy2 months ago

I tried making one of these before, and let me tell you, it鈥檚 more about patience than anything else. Start simple with a basic triangle, then adjust the blocks and their angles until you kinda squint and say, 'Yeah, that looks pretty impossible.' It鈥檚 mostly trial and error, but the end result is super cool.

avatarDebiasingPons2 months ago

Impossible triangle? Just draw a regular one. It's Geometry Dash, not an art class.

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