How to make spikes with fixed hitboxes in Geometry Dash

avatarPassingDada2 months ago
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avatarPassingDada2 months ago

Making spikes with fixed hitboxes in Geometry Dash is all about precision and understanding of the editor's tools. Start by selecting the spike object you want to use. Ensure it's accurately placed where you intend it to be in your level. You can adjust its position using the editor's grid. To ensure the hitbox matches the spike's visual representation accurately, avoid resizing or rotating the spike too much, as these actions can sometimes cause hitbox issues. If you're aiming for consistent gameplay, test the spike's hitbox by playing through the part of the level you've placed it in. Keep tweaking until it feels just right!

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avatarWipingBride2 months ago

Spike hitboxes got you down? Just keep 'em vanilla. Don't resize or twist them too much. The more you mess with their original shape, the wonkier the hitbox gets. Test, test, and test again!

avatarNailingSurge2 months ago

Honestly, just don't bother adjusting them. The default spikes work fine and keep the game fair. Messing with hitboxes just annoys players.

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