How to play Geometry Dash on a graphing calculator

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Honestly, playing Geometry Dash on a graphing calculator isn't officially supported, but tech-savvy students have found ways to do somewhat similar things with calculators that support programming, like certain TI models. You could theoretically get a simplistic version running if you know how to code for that platform. But remember, it won't be the same as the full game by a long shot. Most graphing calculators can't handle the game's graphics or gameplay mechanics as your phone or PC can.

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avatarWipingBride2 months ago

Short answer? You don鈥檛. Geometry Dash is a complex game that graphing calculators aren鈥檛 built to run. Stick to playing it on platforms it was designed for - your phone or PC.

avatarEnvassalingTier2 months ago

Back in high school, a friend managed to get a VERY basic version of a Geometry Dash-like game on his graphing calculator. It was nothing like the real deal but kinda cool. It involved basic jumps and dodging obstacles, coded from scratch. So, it鈥檚 possible to code something inspired by it, but don鈥檛 expect to play the actual Geometry Dash on it.

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