How to Repair the Bridge in Stardew Valley

avatarForetellingTable·3 months ago
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avatarSnorkellingClock·3 months ago

Repairing the bridge on the beach in Stardew Valley is pretty simple but crucial for making some extra gold. You need to gather 300 wood pieces (yeah, start chopping those trees!) and then head over to the broken bridge on the beach, right side. Once there, you'll get a prompt to use your wood to fix the bridge. Do it, and voila, you’ve opened up a new area with forageable items that can be pretty valuable, especially early in the game.

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avatarJiggettingBait·3 months ago

Just hoard 300 wood and fix the bridge on the beach. Easy access to corals and sea urchins, which sell for a good price!

avatarAlteringBeryl·3 months ago

Honestly, fixing the bridge early on is a game-changer. Opens up extra foraging opportunities that can significantly boost your income in the early seasons. I did it in my first spring, and it was totally worth the effort to gather all that wood.

avatarAssemblingDelta·3 months ago

300 wood? Just fish and buy it from Robin, saves time and you still get the loot from the other side of the bridge. #LifeHacks

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