How to Solo Area 51 in Tower Defense Simulator

avatarPleasingSkip15 days ago
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avatarEmptyingDaisy15 days ago

You need to start with strong early-game towers like the Scout and then transition to more powerful ones like the Minigunner and DJ Booth. Make sure you save up for a Commander too, as its Call to Arms ability is a game-changer!

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avatarRequestingFinal15 days ago

I've done this! First, deploy a couple of Scouts to handle the early waves. Then, gradually add Minigunners and level them up. Also, use the DJ Booth and Commander for buffs. By wave 25, you'll be unstoppable!

avatarBivouacingFirm15 days ago

Just spam Minigunners and get a Commander. GG, ez.

avatarTrainingLace15 days ago

Overload them with strong early defenses, and don't forget to upgrade! So simple, it's genius.

avatarWanderingFacet15 days ago

Focus on placement and upgrades. Scout for early waves, then Minigunner and DJ Booth for mid-game. Commander is key for late waves with Call to Arms.

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