Munna Pokemon Card

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How much is Munna worth?

Munna is worth between $0.01 and $19.99.

What is the rarity of Munna?

Munna is Common.

What type is Munna?

Munna is a Psychic type Pokemon.

What generation is Munna?

Munna is a Generation V Pokemon.

What species is Munna?

Munna is a Dream Eater Pokemon species.

What are Munna's abilities?

Munna's abilities are Forewarn, Synchronize, and Telepathy.

What number is Munna?

Munna is Pokemon number 517.
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About the Munna Pokemon Card

The Munna Pokemon Card features the small generation V Pokemon that resembles a tapir. Unlike real tapirs, Munna floats above the ground thanks to its psychic powers!

Munna feed on the dreams of people and other Pokemon, giving the seemingly mundane Pokemon a very interesting ability. The dream feeding they perform is completely harmless to others – the victims simply wake up without knowing what they dreamt of.

Munna eat and process the dreams of others and use it to create Dream Mist. Dream Mist is as a defensive mechanism and is made out of a pink misty color that induces sleep on anyone who is exposed. If a Munna consumers nightmares, however, it releases a gray mist and can make anyone exposed to feel sick!

Munna can also project the contents of dreams they’ve consumed, which can be an incredibly powerful psychic attack.

Munna evolves into Musharna if it comes in contact with a Moon Stone.


Munna’s likely origins

Munna Pokemon Card on Playbite
Munna Pokemon Card on Playbite

The Munna Pokemon is believed to be inspired by fictional creatures from Japanese folklore called the Baku. Folklore talks about Baku resembling tapirs too, so that would make a lot of sense. Just like the Munna, Baku were believed to feast on the dreams of others. Interestingly, Generation I Pokemon Drowzee and Hypno seem to be inspired by this legend as well!


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    Munna looks meh but the backstory is wild IMO!

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