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Tetris 10×10 – Play Now with No Ads!

Tetris 10×10 – Play Now with No Ads!
Diego Kafie

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Are you looking to play the popular Tetris 10×10 game but hate all the ads? We get it, we hate them too. You can play the fun and relaxing puzzle game with absolutely no ads here!

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No ads, ever!

How 10×10 tetris works

10×10 is a classic block puzzle game inspired by Tetris. The goal of the game is to place the tetris-shaped pieces in the board and get them to clear.

The board is a grid of 10 by 10 squares, and you get 3 pieces at a time.

You can place the pieces wherever you like. When a vertical or horizontal row of 10 fills, it’ll clear, giving you points.

The game ends when the board fills up!

🕹️ Play 10×10 now!

No ads, ever!

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