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Helix Jump Unblocked – Play Now with No Ads!

Helix Jump Unblocked – Play Now with No Ads!
Diego Kafie

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Want to play the popular Helix Jump unblocked game, online in your computer or mobile browser? Look no more!

Our version of Helix Jump is unblocked and with absolutely no ads, ever. Play now!

window.onPlaybiteEvent = (ev) => { console.log(“Points achieved:”, ev.points); } window.playbiteConfig = { “gameImage”: “”, “trackingCode”: “pb-blog”, “gameSlug”: “skydrop”, “cdnHost”: “” }

🕹️ Play Helix Jump Unblocked now!

No ads, ever!

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Our spin on Helix Jump is called “Sky Drop,” and it’s just one of dozens of games in our platform. We also have other popular mechanics like Frogger, 2048, and Tetris 10×10. Whatever kind of game you’re into, play them all on the Playbite app, completely ad-free, from any device!

We’re adding new games constantly, and even take suggestions!

Join Playbite now and start playing all your favorite game mechanics, all in one app and ad-free!

What is Playbite?

We’re Playbite, a mobile games arcade. Think of us as Chuck E. Cheese online. It’s an app on web, the App Store, and Play Store, and it features many different games for you to play, 100% ad-free!

Every time you play, you earn tickets. Then, you can spend those tickets on all kinds of prizes, from digital to physical items. Play with us and we’ll hook you up with an Amazon Gift Card or some Takis for your late-night snacking!

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No ads, ever!