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What Is Arena 5 In Match Masters?

What Is Arena 5 In Match Masters?
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Starting your Match Masters journey and curious about what Arena 5 is and why everyone is talking about it? You’re in the right place!

Let’s explore the colorful and competitive world of Match Masters to uncover the secrets of Arena 5!

Get ready to discover the cool features, tricks, and rewards that make Arena 5 in Match Masters stand out…

Arena 5 In Match Masters

Arena 5 is called the Crystal Cave. It’s a challenging arena that you’ll unlock after reaching 3,200 trophies in Arena 4 (Volcano Valley).

Here’s what you can expect in Arena 5:

  • Increased difficulty: The puzzles in Crystal Cave are more complex than in previous arenas, with more special tiles and obstacles to contend with.
  • New power-ups: You’ll unlock two new power-ups in Arena 5: the Rainbow Star and the Disco Ball. The Rainbow Star clears all tiles of a matching color, while the Disco Ball swaps the positions of two random tiles.
  • Higher rewards: The rewards for winning matches in Arena 5 are higher than in previous arenas. You’ll earn more coins, trophies, and experience points!

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