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Get Free PSN Codes

Get Free PSN Codes
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If your console of choice is the Sony PlayStation, you know how important it is to get free PSN codes to keep leveling up your game. The Sony PlayStation keeps cranking out great content and the PS5 really outdid the already excellent PlayStation 4.

Whether you’re looking to get credit to buy Playstation Plus or simply want some V-bucks, the best way to get official PlayStation Network gift cards is by playing fun and simple games on Playbite!

Think of Playbite as “Chuck E. Cheese” online. It’s an app on iOS, Android, and web that features dozens of fun games you can play while taking a break from your hardcore gaming. You earn tickets every time you play, and you can redeem those tickets in the Playbite shop for all kinds of prizes, including the official PlayStation Network gift cards, as sold by Sony!

You can join Playbite now or learn more about how it works below!

Get free PlayStation gift cards on Playbite

Get free PlayStation gift cards

The only way to get Playstation Network codes is by buying them directly in the PlayStation Store, or receiving an official PlayStation gift card.

Playbite’s pitch is simple but powerful: play fun games, win cool prizes. If that wasn’t enough, Playbite doesn’t monetize through annoying ads either. That’s right: no ads on the app, whatsoever! The app is also adding new games constantly, and there’s always contests and giveaways happening.

You can win all kinds of digital and physical prizes besides PSN codes. There’s everything from other gaming gift cards like Fortnite v-bucks or Xbox, to prizes from retailers like Target and Amazon gift cards!

You can play Playbite for free on your web browser or download the app on your phone, and you can try it with just one tap below!

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! Remember when we mentioned the app has no ads? That’s not entirely true… the app has no ads that suck!

Instead of jamming annoying unskippable videos down your throat, Playbite works with brand partners to get them to pay to list their prizes on the Shop. So as you browse the shop looking to win your free psn code or restock on Zombie Takis, you might see some new products you didn’t know about and might want to win or go buy!

That’s what we call a win-win-win.

The app is completely free to play and requires absolutely no payment method or anything of that sort. It’s simply a fun app for gamers like to jam on while away from their PlayStation. Once you have enough points, simply go to the Shop, redeem your prize, and receive your PSN code!

Then, go to your PlayStation account to load it up and voila!

Join Playbite now!

Free PSN code generators don’t work!

You might’ve encountered platforms that tout free redeem codes for doing all kinds of weird things. Run away from these – they are all scams!

There’s many platforms out there promising PlayStation gift card codes, visa gift cards, PayPal cash, and other rewards for completing offers or following random accounts on social media.

Others claim they have no human verification hacks or working gift card code generators. None of these work, and they’re also bad, since they’re essentially trying to trick Sony!

It also goes without saying you should never give these sites your credit card information.

Get a free PSN code by playing game on Playbite

The best way to get free PSN gift card codes is by doing what you already love: playing games!

If you’re a two-console kinda person, you’ll be glad to know the app has Xbox gift cards as well. On the non-gaming side, the app offers Amazon gift cards, Apple gift cards, Google Play gift cards, and more.

Join Playbite now!

Win official Playstation gift cards by playing games on Playbite!




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