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How to Get Void Crystals in Roblox BedWars

How to Get Void Crystals in Roblox BedWars
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Roblox BedWars’ new update comes with an exciting new feature: Void Crystals!

This is a new type of in-game currency, but unlike Diamonds or Emeralds, this can only be won by defeating Void Monsters when inside the Void.

BedWars is an incredibly popular Roblox game and this new addition makes it even more exciting. Read on to learn more about how to get and use Void Crystals.

Gamers all over the Internet have been asking about it, so we figured we’d write our quick game guide to help. Read on for more!

When do Void Portals open in BedWars?

Void Portals opens 6 minutes into the gameplay. Once the portal opens, you have 3 minutes to go into the Void and grab as much Void Crystals as you can!

To be able to enter the Void when the portal opens, you’ll need at least 30 iron.

Once the time runs out, the game automatically transports you back to the regular world.

How do I get the Void Crystals?

Once you’re in the Void, you simply have to defeat the monstrous scorpions within.

Every time you defeat a monster, you get Void Crystals!

Remember the Void is only opens for 3 minutes, so you need to be very disciplined in your approach in order to get the most out of it.

What are Void Crystals for?

You can use Void Crystals in the item shop to get several Void Items, including these:

  • Void Sword
  • Void Rock
  • Void armor

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