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Announcing: Ads & Subscriptions

Announcing: Ads & Subscriptions
Diego Kafie

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Hi friends! Diego from Playbite here 👋

I wanted to write this quick blog post to officially announce that Playbite is enabling ads and subscriptions so we can drop more games and prizes, faster!

We’ve been talking to many of you over the past few weeks and have been floored by your support in this area.

You’ve shown us that you understand that prizes and content cost money, and that in order to drop more we need to start monetizing the platform.

We think we have a business model that is totally fair and introduces as little friction as possible, so you can keep enjoying Playbite as much as you have been all this time!

This is also crucial for another reason: many people believe Playbite is a scam 😅 Up until now, there weren’t any clear ways where users could see Playbite making money, and so they thought it must not be real. Starting to focus on monetization will help address those issues as well!

Read on for more below 👇

The “freemium” model

The business model I’m alluding to is called “freemium.” It’s what every other entertainment app you already use does in one way or another.

At a high level: you can play for free forever with ad breaks, or subscribe to remove the ads and get other perks as well!

Think of YouTube or Spotify… that’s how they work, and we’ll be following their lead!

That being said, we realize that this will also mean we need to keep releasing more games, expanding our prize catalogue, and dropping more prizes. This is our goal, and the freemium model will help us grow faster!

How will ads work?

The ads side of things is still very early and we will experiment our way towards the right formula.

At a high level, you will encounter small ad breaks after completing games. Short ad breaks will be more frequent, and longer ad breaks will be less frequent.

We ultimately want to find the right balance between user experience and revenue to fund the prizes and business.

We trust you’ll give us your feedback as you start encountering them – let’s figure it out together! 💜

How will Playbite+ work?

Starting today, Playbite+ will cost $3.99 a month, with a free 7-day trial.

You can cancel at any time.

Existing subscribers will get to keep their previous price for the foreseeable future.

Playbite+ currently has 2 key features, but we’ll develop many more for it, forever… Expect the appeal of Playbite+ to only grow from here!

The 2 initial features it will offer are:

  • No ads
  • 50 claims daily (instead of 25)

We will also experiment heavily with what makes the most sense for Playbite+, so we would love your feedback whether you end up subscribing or not.

I’m sure you all have great ideas as to what else we can add for Playbite+ members 😊

Playbite+ is also now available on both iOS and Android, and we’ll work on getting it to web browsers soon.

You can find Playbite+ on the top right of your screens or in Profile > Settings > Playbite+ Subscription.

Thank you for reading, and thanks so much for playing with us! We appreciate all of you so much, and are excited to keep building our vision for the most fun and rewarding app ever.

And if you haven’t, come join our Discord and let’s chat 💜