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Playbite Town Hall #1

Playbite Town Hall #1
Diego Kafie

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Hello friends! 👋

On September 22, 2022, we held our first ever Town Hall alongside many of you, our community!

Playbite Town Hall #1 on YouTube

We realize not everyone can tune in at the same time, so we figured we’d do a quick recap for you. Below, you can find a written summary of the event.

You can also watch the whole thing on YouTube!

Celebrated the community

I speak on behalf on everyone on the team when I say that Playbite would be NOTHING without you! You are the beating heart of the company and what encourage us to keep working hard to make our vision a reality!

We released a new corn-themed collectible which was gifted to everyone on the Town Hall, inspired by the popular TikTok meme!

“Cornelius” was gifted to Town Hall attendees and viewers

If you want a Cornelius, @ Diego or Nic on Discord with the words “IT’S CORN!” That’s the only way to get him!

We also released our first batch ever of community-made collectibles! You can go get these in the Shop now!

You can also learn how to make your own collectible following our guide.

Playbite Transparency

Nic and Diego talked about upcoming changes to how “Claims” work.

The finer details are still being planned out, but at a high level, we’re planning to change the system to simply give every user the same amount of “earnable” games per day.

Basically, every day you’ll open the app and have X games you can play that earn your tickets. No matter how many you use on that day (or even if you play at all), the count will reset the next day, and so on.

This is important for two reasons.

First, ticket inflation. As more and more users come, we’re seeing the use per user grow. We need to control the app’s economy before things start getting weird and tickets lose all value.

Second, mental health. We’re seeing crazy amounts of usage in the app from some of you that we are concerned about. We recognize people are playing unhealthy amounts partly cause if they don’t, someone will “outgrind” them.

In the new system, no one will be able to play more than the set amount. Basically, you will be able to get the same prizes without worrying about playing insane amounts of time to beat others out for it.

I encourage you to find the section in the YouTube video if you want to learn more!

Product Plans

Many cool things are coming in the next few months! Here’s a list:

  • Friending!
  • Dueling (you play head to head with a friend, winner gets more tix)
  • Game remixing (mod our games with your colors, pics, gifs, etc)
  • Community marketplace (sell your unwanted prizes to other users for tickets)
  • Lots of Shop improvements

Community Q&A

We had many community members come on stage and ask questions! Go find that section, it’s great to hear all of your guys’ wonderful voices, and the questions/feedback were really good and helpful!

Live Duels

There’s now a channel on Discord for Live Dueling! We had 3 live duels that were “last person standing” where everyone streamed themselves playing a game at the same time til only one remained!

The winners each got 25,000 tickets and a Collectible of their choice!

What’s next?

We’ll try to have one of these each month! If you have feedback, feel free to reach out via email or our Discord.

Happy playing!