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Introducing: Puzzle Prizes 🧩

Introducing: Puzzle Prizes 🧩
Diego Kafie

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Hi friends!

As you might already know, we’re constantly working and thinking through new ways to win! We realize that prize drops once a week might be inconvenient for many. We realize that the most popular prizes get picked up in seconds when they drop, so we’re starting to test new ways to enable more people to win these highly coveted prizes! That’s why today, we’re introducing Puzzle Prizes!

What are Puzzle Prizes? 🧩

They’re very affordable fractions of popular prizes (like an Amazon gift card). You can redeem individual pieces, and once you’ve redeemed the 4 pieces to make up the prize, you’ll have the prize delivered!

This is very exciting for a few reasons

1. These prizes allow us to start experimenting with more frequent prize drops! 

2. They enable us to let you start building up towards prizes in pieces as you’re playing, as opposed to having to log in on Fridays at night if you want any hope for a popular prize. We understand everyone’s got more things going on, so it’s hard to log in at a specific time on a specific day of the week only to have a chance at prizes!

3. This is another stepping stone in setting up the groundwork for TRADING! Imagine trading your excess pieces with other users in the Shop so that you can finalize a Puzzle Prize and get your reward!

PLEASE NOTE If you’re an iPhone App user…

All popular prizes (like Gift Cards, Electronics, and AirPod Cases) are not available in the iPhone App. To access them with your iPhone, please visit: from a browser in your iPhone and sign in with your account. Don’t miss out!

Got any questions?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this – or anything else regarding Playbite, for that matter. If you haven’t already, come chat with us on Discord: